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March 2023 | Ray Johnson Exhibitions





Katonah Museum of Art

March 12—June 25, 2023

Installation view of Ray Johnson collages, Black Mountain College: The Experimenters, 

 David Zwirner, London, 2023

Black Mountain College: The Experimenters, a group exhibition on view in The Upper Room at David Zwirner's London location. Presented in tandem with Josef Albers: Paintings Titled Variants, displayed on the gallery’s ground and first floors, this exhibition will bring together works by a group of artists whose groundbreaking career trajectories were informed by the rich visual and intellectual innovations that emerged around Black Mountain College, the famed experimental liberal arts school in rural North Carolina that in the 1930s and 1940s became, as the writer Amanda Fortini recounts, “the site of a genius cluster.”

 This exhibition features work by a group of artists who overlapped at Black Mountain College in the mid- to late 1940s—including Anni Albers, Josef Albers, Leo Amino, Ruth Asawa, Elaine de Kooning, Buckminster Fuller, and Ray Johnson, as well as figures such as Sue Fuller and Sheila Hicks, who studied with and befriended members of this group at other notable institutions during the same period—and examines the threads of creative exchange that were interwoven when the paths of these teachers, pupils, and colleagues crossed.

Ray Johnson, Untitled (Fred Astaire Cornell's Daffodil), 1972-82-85-87-90-91+, 17 by 

11 inchces, mixed media collage on cardboard, 

Miniature worlds  explores  the relationships between Joseph Cornell and two pioneering artists—Ray Johnson and Yayoi Kusama—and brings their works together for the first time.

Both Johnson and Kusama met Cornell in the 1960s, when they were fast becoming fixtures of New York’s downtown art scene. Even in an environment that prized experimentation, Johnson and Kusama were unusually and radically inventive. They worked in painting and collage as well as emergent forms like installation art, performance, and mail art, often simultaneously. In many ways, Cornell was their polar opposite. A generation older, he had been exhibiting his box assemblages and collages in the city’s more conservative, uptown galleries and museums since the 1930s. Yet, for both Johnson and Kusama, Cornell was a friend, artistic lodestar, and model for cultivating a creative practice—and, indeed, a creative life—on one’s own terms.

This exhibition examines the prominent role Cornell played within the vast network of visual and textual references and free-form associations that Johnson synthesized from his every-day life. It also traces how Kusama turned to collage to evoke and commemorate Cornell. Like all relationships, these two friendships were worlds unto themselves, complete with their own histories, languages, and complex emotional terrains. The intimate, small-scale works exhibited here were shaped by and reflect these miniature worlds



Museo d'Arte di Katonah

Mondi in miniatura: Joseph Cornell, 

Ray Johnson, Yayoi Kusama

12 marzo - 25 giugno 2023


134 Jay Street
Katonah, NY 10536

Tel: (914) 232-9555



Black Mountain College: The Experimenters, David Zwirner Gallery, London, February 28 through April 15, 2023

Miniature Worlds: Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Yayoi Kusama, Katonah Museum of Art, New York, March 12 through June 25, 2023

To learn more about Ray Johnson's work, visit the Ray Johnson Digital Archive in Italy of the Coco Gordon Collection of Colorado – USA

Per conoscere Il lavoro di Ray Johnson visita l'Archivio digitale in Italia di Ray Johnson 

 della Collezione Coco Gordon del Colorado – USA


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