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Retrospettiva di Coco Gordon “Timeless, Senzatempo” La natura tra performance e Exploding Books Opere 1958-2020

COCO GORDON /  SuperSkyWoman / Biography
Born 1938 in Genova Italy. After 25 years in a Duane St Tribeca NYC loft and 11 years in Huntington Bay NY. She also goes by the name Coco Go, a.k.a SuperSkyWoman

Alison Knowles opened Coco’s access to international Fluxus. Wanting to make her images in paper, they collaborated, making 10 years of handmade experimental papers together leading to the show Loose Pages at Emily Harvey Gallery, NY. For 5 decades Coco paralleled Intermedia and fluxus circles with her Solo shows curated by Lucio Barbera, Sandro Ricaldone, Rosanna Chiessi, Leonardi V-idea- Italy, Christine Jones-Vienna’s KunstKanzlei and the Stadtgalerie. Coco used SuperSkyWoman’s historic tuned in vision in shows at Sandra Gering, Gallery Onetwentyeight, Art-in-General and A taste of Art venues. Emily Harvey nurtured her art future in Italy & NYC. As SuperSkyWoman, Coco also originated Gruppo TIKYSK (Things I Know You Should Know) in 1994 as a ready shelter for healers, artists, experimental groups and her mud-woman, rock-woman, fingerprint in the universe events. At the 48th Venice Biennale for Oreste she and her Gruppo TIKYSK "Permed" 300 people’s heads, took part in the "Bunker" project and the poetry section.  At the 49th Venice Biennale she contributed to the "Markers" street-hung Banner project of the International Artists Museum with her SuperSkyWoman speaking with the people dialog, “with speed and micro circuitry we have more time to arrive too soon, Forget Coming". At the 50th Venice Biennale Coco joined the "Wandering Library" curated by Doran Polak’s Markers 4 Project with her book, The Infinite Bottom Line. For the 50th Venice Biennale she took part in two projects, one for Alan Bowman boiling her seven-pointed star paper to eat and brought Global Poetry Day to heal Ground Zero in NYC with her action, "You are Poetry" engaging shopkeepers and city workers for Karenina's poetry section. In the 51st Venice Biennale she took part in Isola Virtuale curated by Achille Bonito Oliva with her poem Our Time Hour Time, and the performative poem “Book of Water” by Congelo. For the London Biennale’s draw__drawing she sculpted wild feet into action. For the 2005 Istanbul Biennale she was kidnapped by Sassu's Gruppo Sinestetico. For Agricola de Cologne, she was selected for the Violence festival, and invited as featured artist for Self-representation on the site. For Klemens Golf she became a reporter for her home place in NYC and Chappaqua NY, creating a three-month outdoor slide show in Dusseldorf.

From a meeting at Matera in 1999, Congelo was formed by her merging Angelo Ricciardi of Napoli, Italy, whose many events and books together were created, including one of 80 dinners, Il Pane Non Si Butta and Patented events. Congelo is now placing barcodes on their encyclopedic correspondence, an edition of 5 boxed copies of which one is reserved for MOMA. Congelo took part in Jorge Luiz Antonio’s Visual and Electronic Poetry International Exhibition in Brazil; + Congelo & Coco in the Mexico Experimental Biennale. She created several works for Angelo’s Artline Do Not Cross published by 404 Arte Contemporanea, and joined many book projects.  Coco performed actions as SuperSkyWoman and exhibited In 2003 in a daughter/mother show with 90 year old mother Alisa, at the Pauline Oliveros Foundation's Deep Listening Space Gallery in Kingston NY. She made talking medicine wheels for the CACQM land art project in Quebec. She invented a watery Eyes Club meeting event as a memorial for her good friend and conspirator, the late Ray Johnson: a full moon gathering" at the Pollock Krasner House in East Hampton July 13th, 2003. For Luc Fierens she was featured with 13 SuperSkyWoman dialogs in his project, "Cornucopia", became a howling SuperSkyWoman for his Cooperation Project 1, and was "Jane Doe glissando" for his Cooperation project 2. At Fun of Fun SuperSkyWoman pulled in a new tribe to Dance her Matisse dance with the animals around her 9/11 in butter “Talking Medicine Wheel” at the River Sile, while Congelo conscribed Renata & Giovanni Strada into performing their political "Book of Water". Coco has joined many Fluxus artists in collaborations of their works and hers. She created artist books in editions, including Knee published by Porto Dei Santi Press, 2000 that also includes Anne Waldman. Coco’s own small Press, TIKYSK, published Visioning Life Systems That Create Healthy Resources and Transform Waste: Artists Work from Their Permacultural Source (Water Mark Press, 2003) reviving her 1993 edition Assembling, Artists Work from Their Ecological Source, Med Art, NY. Coco’s books--Radical Food, Hip Hop Solarplexus, SuperSkyWoman and TIKYSK: Permaculture Getting to Know You (Foot Sq Space, 1997) trace her progression into superheroine with an "action plan". Dick Higgins rediscovered his alter-ego character "Camille" in Coco. Her show of 36 ecozoic earth salt installations, "il Sogno del Tempo" in Messina Italy 1990 manifests the thinking of Earth Philosopher, Thomas Berry, while catching irradiated potatoes from the marketplace of Messina into her floor installation to underscore Berry’s cosmological exploitations. Coco’s art introduced the dynamic Nature intelligence way of healing to create a surplus Permaculture ecology, exemplified with her "Infinite Bottom Line" of grasses she plaited from wherever she worked around the world, to “Kick up the Bottom Line”. Martin Krusche's Austrian Kultur site published her many SuperSkyWoman actions on his KULTUR web site as well as featuring her as Jane Doe. Coco's poetry "Interactiv’s" and artist books have grown to more than 100 books. In 1978 she began to use her paper instruments interactively. From mid 70’s-early 80’s she taught many artists how to create their own papermaking studios and equipment. Coco Go is known for her 70’s forward handmade paper inventions one can enter, wear, sound, inhabit: liquid pools, clothes, hammocks, feet & sounding instruments (drums, rainsticks, pillows, shakers, strummers. Her famous John Cage’s post-Alphabet performances inspired hairy life-sized piano sculptures that still morph as a series on visual music. She’s been by profession a papermaker/ permaculture designer/ publisher of Water Mark Press, W Space "Intimate" editions and gruppo TIKYSK's artist book editions. COCO’s Artists Books have been sold since the 80’s at PRINTED MATTER, NYC, Amazon and other online book venues.

Collections:  paintings, installations, paperworks
Provincia of Messina, American Craft Museum, Hobelix Libreria, Joseph Cornell Archive, Adelphi University, Marymount Manhattan, Nassau Community College, UWO Weldon Library Ontario, Otten Collection, Getty Center, Heckscher Museum, Univ of Delaware, Chiessi Performance Archive Cavriago Italy, Jean Brown Archive, Franklin Furnace Archives, Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive,  Braun Collection Germany, Robert Scott Small Library SC, Univ of Alberta Edmonton, Cozzani Collection La Spezia Italy, Nuvolone Collection Genova Italy, Luigi Bonotto - Bassano Del Grappa Italy, Joel Malin’s Duchamp Collection.

Artist Books in collections: 
MOMA Library NYC, Whitney Museum Library, Fogg Museum MA, Museum of Women in the Arts Wash DC, Smithsonian Museum, Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive, Provincia of Messina, Univ of Alberta Edmonton, Spec Collections UC Santa Cruz, Brown University Library, The Banff Centre Library Alberta, KunstMuseum Lenningen Germany, Getty Center, Vasari Futurist Collection Sicily, Heckscher Museum, American Craft Museum, Hobelix Libreria, UWO Weldon Library Ontario, Otten Collection, Univ of Delaware, Chiessi Performance Archive Italy, Jean Brown Archive, Franklin Furnace Archives, Braun Collection Germany, Robert Scott Small Library SC, Cozzani, Nebbia e Nuvollone, Malfatti, & Bonotto Collections, Museo Del Volo Padova Italy, Watari collection Tokyo, Umbrella Archive CA, El Archivero Mexico, Vancouver Art Gallery, Swedish Archive of Artist Books, Art Institute of Chicago Flaxman Library, Harvard U collection.

For Regina Vater teaching university in Brasil
I’ve organized for your reference- there are hundreds I love-they all relate to each other in the following categories: All Experimental and non-commercial

Time based performance actions (various media)
Baskets, also used as hats as casual performance
*Bush dialogs with SSW, large panels on cloth, prints, perfs, book
*Eat Your Hat, month perf crocheting hats set as food at table, My skin of myself & I eat hats.
*Feeling my hands”: first done in month long ’84 Looking at Carrot, used for Ear Inn poetry performance with Sari Dienes, book ed of 25.
*Eating miners’ lettuce in the burn, series self foto behind an apron reaching down like giraffe, Pender Island Vancouver BC, ‘94
*Earth Air Fire Water Disquieting seeds-variations, Dowling, 
Messina, Hobelix, first done as self-foto during Carrot perf Komoka Ontario next to a highway
*Finding tree root flower of my birth, 2005, cast with paper, self foto with root
*Fingerprint enlarged to 2 rooms + painting as plan for show, performance to take back one’s fingerprint on the universe, SuperSkyWoman book pull out page, pull & play, solo show, Firenze outdoor stage
First Online Art Com S.F. CA-newsworthy keyboard images October1991 11pp.
*Framed news of day set high in trees 1961
50-50 for Duchamp action+three Canadian artists on Saturna Island-book 
*LAM &Carrot- perf actions poems write-overs actions book ed 25
4’33” recording, Hops proj. commissioned sound work Steiermark
Loops and Knots –perf & book 
Piano actions –Sandra, Vienna piano cutting perf & my operas FAMLI-CHGallery - Ontario, Messina piano in tree, cleaning earth, wheat grows, video on harvestworks site.
Pollination of SSW, in SSW book and show Genova italy, Gallery Onetwentyeight NYC ‘98
*Refugee pc in CT-immigrantness
*Seeking Water-Self foto representation
*Setting Table Action on Cocktail party painting ‘65
Skywoman discovery 1991-95, lineage in book, Radical Food
*So Tired, Canada
*Splining the infinite bottom line-primal places
SuperSkyWoman actions- Da-da da stakes, Sandra Gering gallery…

Ecological/political community-based projects
Long lineage of Giving Nature its own voice in my work
Worms, Bird Music, talking with nature

*9/11 in butter action in my studio, recreated in Italy, Kultur site
*Arboretum Queriies-Asking Nature-
Austrian flag actions
Bean slit fotos(Carlo P)
Broken glasses found collection
Bush SuperSkyWoman dialogs
Bush Amazon woven 14-foot shawl 1991 to calm president-indigenous practice
Butterfly in genetic corn- action Italy, poem
*Chakra readings- drawings
*Dead-on-Arrival (DOA) 
Duchamp- Coco as Mona Lisa la Chimera, Ray as Mona Lisa
-Article by Mark block
Elevator pc Art in General sound mix Harvestworks with Al 
Food-self fotos, many series, actions, books, shows
Four-leaf clovers collecting
Framing reality
*Full moon event Casa Malaparte- Rosanna Chiessi, fluxus
*Fun of Fun Italy recycling actions-Matisse dance around my
9/11 butter installation with found nature
Gene Splicing- pull out chromosomes over texts
*Healing-“Let’s Perm” 3 SSW days at Venice Biennale with Italian healers
*Hello health-Corallo Napoli show 2005- 4 floors
*Hops works-the dreaming-the shoe found-the farmers-the 
painting with paper-the big arch over road-hopfield
sounds-the war room- installation Gallery Klinger
Austria-the book-Dream Bow revisited in Italy, SFAI
Iron on mushroom and silkscreen birdsong pieces, even a coverlet for a collector
Leaves love: for Jasa writing on leaves, and pc for Congelo
Masks from nature-webs-sand, to wear, shows
*Minnow trust-at River Spirit Arkansas - self foto
*No-More-Water pieces -over the years, Dowling College gallery NY, Messina
Nuclear pcs & poems- inulclear potatoes, mops, books
Raisins Berlin new marterials, zeroing in pattern from 1965
Salt/earth-60X80meters, replacing, rakings, rice falling+Le Onde show
*Seed Music window piece Galleria dell Occhio NYC, installations Italy
Stairway to paradise inverted, The __Reader
Subterranean paper panels- Show in a Serra
*Talking medicine Wheels- Mt. Tremblant
Tree actions-
*Turtle medicine wheels
Umbrella parts collecting
Visioning life systems 2003, permaculture life systems 1992
Windo©Peace at Sohozat living in window
Women Studio Workshop event in sprouts
*Wild Feet-Impermanence project Vianello, +Exit Art
*Writing on leaves-RE Italy
*You Are Poetry-Ground Zero- day giving away hundreds of poems to neighborhood businesses and service people, coming to terms with my injuries 9/11.
Concepts Ideas Used: Serious listening to Play with chance correlative consciousness, improv and invention, paying concentrated attention, living it.
Bleach-Things we pay for, thinking white, dead lakes, monoculture…
*Body Books- Body skin pcs shown Dowling & book
*Bye Buy- pcs 50+50, Tamara Lai works for “Sacrifice”
*Bush Zen sitzen -my body calming bush- large ptings & Chance Actions- Cracked brick, Pulp Pool pieces, tape
from shelves, holes in wood
Correspondence actions- Walkway1982 CHA, PK House, 
Ray J, Foot Sq Space mailings show
Copyright legs, poems
*Cuttings- from 1979-present Alison Knowles, BT Smith…
DOA 1983 RE, 1994 BMCC, Women & Nature, Safe Kill
Dream Giveaway-Real Artways- 200 dreams-installations
Freedom Wall-1980 using holes in my walls
*Future of Hands and Feet-HI Video with Sandra Semchuk
Hammocks-life size
 denim & jeans
 shrunken flax hammock+ ties (stolen by organizer of show- Grumman Corp)
 words to lie in
 enter & fly with web feet & hands
 mentalita’ dell aredamento with two square watermelons
 hip hop spirit double hammock
green replacement piece with ties to hold in
two hammocks stacked-Arnfels Austria
Hammocks under appletree Sandra stuffing apples under bathing suit                 
*Health-cakra drawings, looking inside myself in piano, SSW
Dialogs, TIKYSK books
Musics Instruments sound pieces-gongs rainsticks, 
shakers, strummers, Matisse Dances
performed+ Alison Knowles with my sounding paper pillows & instruments, College of new Rochelle
She stole my idea ten years later for Drawing Room
I Ching – Umbrella throws
*It- Rockland Center for the Arts perf - Wall St Gallery LI
Swinging chairs U of Michigan installation Remade from“It”
*Kicking up the bottom line- show gallery 128 also timebased,  coins fall out of the dollar
Monuments for Intimate Use-exhibition-book-separate pcs.
Music Rooms- Messina, other shows & proposals
Pull and play action-painting, installations Genova Italy, in book
Radical Food- Manifesto, Vienna’s Kunstkanzlei, GreenMuseum
Safe Kill-words in carrots -giving DOA to others- Dick Hggins
Seeking Sustenance- self fotos- Vienna magazine article
Short sight- Kultur site dialogs & visuals+ in book
Skin-1984 project sent to 12 artists use & perform actions
*Substitute Abundance- self fotos, book
SuperSkyWoman- Peggy Guggenheim pics mom & me perf
SSW dialogs, many actions, shows, book
Tables in paper, galls, wine holding pocket tablecloth
TIKYSK born and introduced by critic Rinaldi
*Unframed Intelligence- concept that gives nature power
food on face Window pcs, Eating Tofu 7 pointed 
stars, metal boots in a reddened landscape-Attitude Art
Yarn/string writings & actions- Yarn Fuck, simple movement of familiar yarn when cut, making image that mirrors life- rifles on wall- yarn hangings Banff, Vienna, Crochet pieces as drawings in space

Concepts Ideas - drawings for
Guggenheim yarn throw nest- moving up & down the spiral till filled in

Congelo (=Coco+ Angelo Ricciardi) projects & performances- Libro Di, Book of Water
*Artline, Birthday Johns, MOMA edition, *Leafletting
 Since 200-present-ongoing & artist books
*Golf “my town” -projections outside for 3 months
Self-Representation Agric -1958-present
Jane Doe-Kultur site zany actions and dialogs
*Rita D-book for Petit 100 Monkeys- poems
Anselm Hollo 10 howls for sweet fifteen and I Ching
RJ collaborations-boxes-paper works-letters-Ray tel. Calls-
How to Draw a Bunny- am in the movie
Leiss video for Ray J “Connections” am in the movie
Luc-“Cornucopia”, talking mask, score & postflux booklet
*Roberto Scala- lemon art 
Sassu-Worn contagion- in many Biennales 
Karenina- Global Poetry Day 2002
*Kohtopa Mir- Russian- peace Office
Rol -writings about art-NY reporter for art

Biennales & Festivals:
Bunker Project, Butterfly in genetic corn field poem    
London Biennal-Draw__-Drawing
I Sapori guide-Artways of Thinking guide/performances
Istanbul Biennale
*Mexican experimental poetry festival (Congelo)
*Spain festival Copliandia
SSW perf all day 2X Venice Biennale with powerful italian 
4 Other Venice Biennale contributions, Markers, 
Wandering Library, poetry events, Peggy Guggenheim Museum Fluxus event

Art residencies:
2008, & 2019 Emily Harvey Foundation, Venezia
1996 Djerassi, my Ms: Where Dead and Warm meet- residency as writer  +time based paper burials 
1999 SuperSkyWoman Let’s Perm, Venice Biennale, for Oreste 
*2001, Markers Banners Project, Venice Biennale, Israel, Hungary, for Int’l Artists Museum
2003, Markers 4 “The Wandering Library”, Venice Biennale, For Int’l Artists Museum
2000, Banff- Tree installation/View a public art project-studio changes daily 
1993, Harvestworks recording studio time, URL site crated 
*2002 SFAI -9/11 residency- bear-zebra-chakra installations
1998,99,2000 Oreste- Matera, Montescalioso Cena+performance 85 people, artists working in the territory

Interactiv Books: *some published- my most innovative work! using
Bioregional - Zen - art content, one book involves others in collaboration to be made into a sculpture by cutting and folding pages to create a circle:
Predates the Fresh Cuts books of 2018-2020

correspondence events & books
*Pollock Krasner House- 2003 Coco RJ Full moon teary eyes club mtg & book
Laburnum poison tree installation, Prison Walks, Tender wash rocks, Magic Cloth

Action books &Project books
*Small Italian Opera italy merging loops & knots found with huge procession of paper through towns & poems about loss of enemies
*6 Dances for Paper Piano, perf at FAMLI Museum with red paper pool & black piano pulp wet offerings, poetry in motion
*KNEE (GINOCCHIO), Porto Dei Santi Press, Loiano, Italy August 2000 used as basis for Bush Paintings 2004-present

URL Sites 
Tamara Lai site
Kultur site all my Jane Doe pieces for the site
Harvestworks residency grant & music piece & site works
Agricola de Cologne
Karenina *You Are Poetry
Cuscino per Sognare
FFFO Fluxus

Art Magazines published pcs
New Observations 116, Artists on Art, Fall 1997, “Art Flora Fora Yr Right Actions” 
Chapter page capsules for The Eternal Networks (U Calgary Press) 1995
New Observations 106, Bookworks, May 1995, “Handmade Paper Books”
Ear Magazine - two issue 4-page piece on image scores by Cage, Corner, Higgins, & Knowles played by Margaret Tan, 1983-4.

Older series: 50’s-70’s
Paintings sculptures, sandcasts, pastels, cray-pas, prints, drawings,
*I am woman series 
*breast series-Heckscher Museum Show 
*under water series- done as correlative unconscious knowledge 
*animal man series- prints and sculptures in stone
*cat vigil series-pastels *peacock series *large poem series

lists  from 90’s very active period
Sounding instruments in paper- long lineage
Cuscino per sognare Rosanna
Rosanna projects in cavriago- guitar
Paper Skin on my body took shape of me
Dream shakers, pillow & coverlet -Japan
*Corallo Napoli show- mapping clearcut stumps & Vesuvius, SSW dialogs, turtle made from packaging paper, burl wood sounding instruments
*Matisse Dance-Cookie cutters
*Pull & play paintings (book SSW)
*Wax melt action, iron-ons
*Local Action Finding Balls & hitting tree for twigs, Hudson River photos
*Forest pcs, clearcut photos They Give Us They Take Away long poem for Quileutes
*John cage meetings, making his 70 Bday with pistachios in paper, then he had Bernie Toale make food slices in paper for him
*My pcs about Ray J in books
*My book published for Ray J Cutesie Pi
*Performance audio taped with flutes italy for Charlotte Moorman to give her - photos stolen by Italian artist Kurt Hoffer
*Holes in wall strips on holes in wall 1981

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