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Small Scale Subversion: Mail Art & Artistamps di John Held Jr.

Small Scale Subversion: Mail Art & Artistamps

Copertina morbida, 318 Pagine 

Although increasingly appreciated in fine art and stamp collecting circles, artist postage stamps, or artistamps, are more likely to be traded between the people who create them than they are to be exhibited in commercial art galleries or read about in philatelic journals. Artistamps are part and parcel of the grassroots network known as Mail Art, an alternative art of creative long-distance communication that intuited the demand for cross-cultural exchange long before the Internet. Although seemingly rigid, the postage stamp format allows flexible approaches in painting, watercolor, offset, photography, photocopy, rubber-stamping, engraving, digitization and sculpture.

Dettagli del prodotto
ISBN   9781329058057
Copyright   John Held Jr. (Licenza di copyright standard)
Edizione  First Edition
Editore  TAM-Publications
Pubblicato   11 aprile 2015
Lingua   Inglese
Pagine   318
Rilegatura   Copertina morbida con rilegatura termica
Inchiostro contenuto  Bianco e nero
Peso  0,54 kg
Dimensioni (centimetri)   Larghezza: 15,24, altezza: 22,86
Prezzo €18,68
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