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Richard L. Feigen Gallery

Ray Johnson, Buddha's Fingernails, c. 1973 and Bernardo Daddi, Saint Dominic, c. 1342


October 14 - 18, 2015
Preview: October 13, 2015

Stand D03
Regent's Park, London

Richard L. Feigen & Co. is pleased to announce its participation in Frieze Masters 2015. This year, in collaboration with JP Molyneux Studio, we will present an immersive environment that offers a glimpse into an Italianate Palazzo of a connoisseur. As one of the world's most sought after designers, Juan Pablo Molyneux has created spaces that house some of the finest and most eclectic collections of art and design in existence. To emulate these settings, we will juxtapose antiquities with Old Masterworks, contemporary sculpture, collage, and modern painting. The art will be enhanced with accents of exquisite furniture from the atelier of Carlton Hobbs. Creating collections that transcend time and geography has always been a driving spirit behind Richard L. Feigen & Co. so it is with great pleasure that we present this astounding group of masterpieces in ensemble. 

Artists include:

Annibale Carracci
Joseph Cornell
Bernardo Daddi
Max Ernst
Ray Johnson
Pablo Picasso
James Rosenquist
Luca Di Tommè

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Juan Pablo Molyneux is an internationally acclaimed interior designer. A committed classicist, he creates spirited interiors that are rooted in history without being historical recreations. His work is bold, eclectic, witty…and unmistakably his own. The United States and France are two countries close to Molyneux’s heart, and he maintains offices in both of them; he established his studio in New York in the early 1980’s and in Paris in the late 1990’s. Paris has always been one of his favorite cities.
34 East 69th Street New York, NY 10021      Telephone: 212-628-0700      Fax: 212-249-4574

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